AWS Standard System Training

Whether you are working for a company, governmental organisation, NGO, or consultancy, the AWS Standard System training can give you what you need to get started on good water stewardship. By following this training, you will get:

  • access to the latest knowledge on water stewardship,
  • practical experience in using the AWS Standard to assess and prepare your water stewardship plan and certification, the opportunity to become Professionally Credentialed.
  • great networking opportunities to explore your water stewardship trajectory!

We will continue our online and interactive training programme in Indonesia which is modular and consists of three levels: Foundation, Advanced and Specialist. The training is provided fully in Bahasa Indonesia and participants will get a certificate from the Alliance for Water Stewardship after successful completion.

Foundation level: This course is the first level of our modular training programmw and gives you a fresh start into the world of water stewardship. You will gain an understanding on water stewardship principles and the core requirements of the AWS Standard.

Advanced level: Take a deeper dive into the AWS Standard and build your confidence in working with the Standard. Advanced level course will develop your practical skills in implementing the AWS Standard implementation, application of tools and use of resources through exercises and case studies.

Specialist level: You become fully equipped on all components of the AWS System and advance your knowledge of the AWS Standard quality assurance, auditing, certification and professional credentialing system.

Stay tuned for the next training in 2022

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