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Yayasan Aliansi Wali Sumber Daya Air (Yayasan AWS Indonesia) is the leading organisation on water stewardship in Indonesia. We work to build committed and capable networks for the implementation and uptake of good water stewardship that can drive credible action, enable collaboration, and joint investment, and support common goals for sustainable water management in Indonesia.

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Water Stewardship Actions

The Water Stewardship Actions Map is a visual representation of AWS certified and registered sites in Indonesia, as well as AWS Indonesia’s collaboration with AWS members and other multi-stakeholders. This map can be used to find out about water stewardship activities and opportunities for collaboration in Indonesia.

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aws standard system training

Become a Water Stewardship Practitioner in Indonesia

Whether you are working for a company, governmental organisation, NGO, or consultancy, the AWS Standard System Training can give you what you need to practice good water stewardship.

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14 Nov 2022

Mechanism and Incentives To Increase Good Water Stewardship Performance

Water is essential for human health and wellbeing and in developing and maintaining successful and healthy economies. Failure to manage water resources properly can threaten many aspects of development. Currently, economic losses related to water insecurity are estimated to include US$260 billion per year from inadequate water supply and sanitation, US$120 billion per year from […]
14 Nov 2022

Indonesia Water Stewardship Network Roadmap 2022 - 2024

Growing populations and economies, changing lifestyles and global climate change are putting increasing pressure on our water resources. Water-related disaster intensified by climate change can affect artificial and natural environment directly. In addition, water-related disasters also have direct impacts to business continuity of business sectors and economic continuity of a region. Furthermore, through the Covid-19 […]
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14 Nov 2022

Including AWS Water Stewardship in Jurisdictional Approaches

Indonesia, although a water-rich country, is experiencing increasing water stress and competition over water, due to rapid economic development, population growth and the impacts of climate change. To address these growing water challenges, there is a need to scale-up action on sustainability at the jurisdictional level (government-defined administrative boundaries). This can lead to private sector […]
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14 Nov 2022

Including AWS Water Stewardship in Sustainable Palm oil Production

Palm oil is used in a wide range of products, from food ingredients, soaps and cosmetics to fuel for cars and power plants. Oil palm trees grow in tropical regions, with Malaysia and Indonesia being the largest producers, accounting for 85 per cent of global production. They are grown on both large-scale plantations and small-scale […]
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Landscape Project Report

Explore the outputs of 'Boosting sustainability practice and performance at the landscape level through good water stewardship'

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Gain insights on the AWS Standard System through AWS webinars and other important discussions on the topic of water stewardship in Indonesia.

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Case Studies and Reports

Explore examples of good water stewardship in Indonesia.

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AWS Documents in Bahasa Indonesia

The Bahasa Indonesia version of the AWS Standard, Guidance and Scoring Rubrik are available online. Get yours now and contact our team in Indonesia to support you on your water stewardship journey.


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Find out more about the new AWS E-Standard, Guidance, and Online Learning Modules.

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